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Thread: training a dog

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    training a dog

    Hi guys I have a black lab he is eight months old. I am doing obediance work with him and retriving dumy's. I am just wondering what the next stage is in trainning him to be a deer dog any info would be greatfull.

    Thanks john

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    drop a PM to Stone (Richard), he trained his Black Lab Sika & she's a cracking Deer dog now.


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    Hi John
    Are you going to use your lab only for stalking or picking up and shooting as well

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    dog training

    keith I will be using him for stalking and picking up. he is retriving dummies quite well


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    Try and keep him on game for a full season after he is trained then switch him to deer if you want to talk PM me with your phone number and I will run you through the way I do it it may not be correct but it works.

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    What's your priority, Deer or game? I would do deer work first. This should ensure a steady dog. If the dog is of good breeding it will easily switch to game.

    My 2 pence worth!

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    Train for tracking deer first. Work on pheasant later.

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    I'm will be in much the same position as John once we acquire our new lab in 2 weeks. It's a way off but I want to get it right from the start. Is the consensus shared by the last 2 posts...deer first and then on to picking up game?

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    for what its worth, my last two labs have done there first year on blood tracking and now working on dummies and game, one is very keen on dummie work and the other does not wont to know, if i had done it the other way round would the out come have been different, i dont know ?


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