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    London Shooter

    Hello All,

    Noob member here.

    Based in London and mostly shooting in and around Bisley and Worplesdon.

    Ive got a couple of 22 rimfires and a .303 No4 Mk1 (scope fitted).

    I know that some may be offended by the scope fitted to the Enfield but I have pretty poor eyesight so need the scope in order to shoot distance.

    I have had .308s most recently an RPA quadlite and .223s'. Also a Sako in .222 with a bent barrel but that came to me in that state!

    I've also got a plethora of Shotguns. Licensing regs should perhaps be reviewed as I've collected two semiautomatics, three over and unders and a pump action. :-o

    I'd like to stalk but my mobility is restricted by my eyesight as I don't can't drive.

    Ive joined this forum as I'm looking at different options for shooting in the future and thought that forum members might be able to offer sensible suggestions as to what is available.

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    wellcome to the site, doug,

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    Welcome to the site,

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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