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Thread: Bosh / watec 902H/ lens

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    Bosh / watec 902H/ lens

    BOSCH AEGIS INTELLIGENT-IR 10 degree brought from a chap on this web site and I am going to go for something different.
    you never see these up for sale so grab it wile you can.
    350 +P&P

    Watec 902H only been tried and everything is spot on. very good clear picture. reason for sale as above.
    100 + P&P

    lens to fit above Watec 5-100mm 1:1.6 1/3" CS
    50 +P&P

    lens to fit above cosmicar/pentax tv zoom lens. H15zme-5f 8-120mm 1:1.6

    • Description: Zoom lens with 2 motors, 10x, Auto-Iris, preset, iris override, for C- and CS- Mount
    • Mount: C
    • Focal Length: 8-120mm
    • Iris Range: 1:1.6
    • Iris Type: VS
    • Iris control: Auto-Iris
    • Focus control: Motorized, Type 5 with 12V DC and max. 30mA
    • Zoom control: Motorized, Type 5 with 12V DC and max. 30mA
    • Horizontal Angle Of View: 45.6 - 5.0
    • Minimum Object Distance: 1.8m
      80 +P&P

      This is a great set up for spotting foxes or what ever you want. would like to sell them all together so if you make me a good offer then we can have a deal.
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    I'm open to sensible offers on the Bosch


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