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Thread: Brown bear offer in Romania

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    Brown bear offer in Romania

    Hello everyone,
    We have an opportunity for those who want a trophy bear and can travel in Romania in the next few days, maximum 10-12 days.
    Short story, the bear bear attack sheep and even cattle population adjacent to the hunting area.
    The rangers managed to bait the bear near his sleeping place. The bear visit the baited place every evening and morning. It is a totaly exportable bear with CITES and VET certificate.
    The bear size is between 400 and 420 CIC points and the price is 6000 euro, including 2 nights full boar accommodations, transportation from airport and back and 3 hunting days.
    If you don't shoot the bear you will pay only 150 euro accommodation and food, but this is highly unlikely since the rangers spot the bear every morning and evening in the last week or so.
    For more information, please send me an email at or put the questions here.

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    To make it even more attractive for another 500 euro we can preper your trophy to our taxidermist and send it to your door.
    From the moment you shoot the bear untill the trophy is on your wall only 75 days.
    Thanks, Marius!

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    The camera was set wrong, please change am with pm!

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    Call me old fashioned, but what is that Bear "snorting"
    Gary Beechener

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    Chocolate! No johes, we feed the bears with chocolate, it is the best bait!!!!

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    Due an unfortunately event of a hunter who missed the bear, the offer is now on and the price has drop to 5500 euro.

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