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Thread: Is .243 big enough???

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    Is .243 big enough???

    I know this is debated regularly. but I fancied some fresh eyes on it.

    I'm looking to move up to a Deer legal calibre with the intent of shooting deer, realistically no bigger than Fallow. I've been looking at 25-06 or maybe a 260 (used a 260 and quite like it), but would a 243 do the job?

    There are a couple of immediate financial advantages of shooting 243 as I currently have suitable reloading dies etc. This wouldn't make or break my decision but if its 50:50 it might tip me towards, just handy.

    Looking at loading 100gr Hornady Soft Point which would be pushing about 2900fps producing roughly 1860 FPE. Surely this is enough to knock down fallow at sensible distances. I wouldn't be looking to shoot much past 200 yds, Typically 100-125 yds and maybe 300 if an absolute gem of an opportunity presented itself.

    From what I gather, the 243 is (or can be) an accurate round, which in my book, accounts for more than an extra 200 PFE at the muzzle.

    Thanks in advance.

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    i have a 243 and got 2 red deer

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    Your going to get dozens of opinions on this and you will be no further forward at the end of it!

    If you really are stopping at fallow, then the 243 is an ideal chambering. So is the 25-06. So is the 260. And 308....

    Not much help is it?

    Seriously, if you already have dies get a 243 and save the 40 quid. If you run out there won't be a gun shop in the country that won't have some in stock.

    You won't see a benefit in going for anything else at the distances you refer to. I've only shot a few fallow but owned several chamberings used on a lot of Sika and roe. I've never found fallow a hard deer to drop. A 100grn from one will easily do the job plus if you don't want to use a moderator they are soft to shoot if the stocks decent.

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    Over the years I've owned 3 std 243 Win and one 243 AI, but there isn't one in my gun cabinet now. There are however a couple of 260 Rems in the cabinet, one of which is for sale.

    Regards JCS

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    i am interested in this as well,new variation going in,

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    What if the fallow are further than 200y, are you not going to shoot? Id get a deer calibre, 25-06 is good, so is 260 which has better bullet choice and brass available.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Offroad Gary View Post
    What if the fallow are further than 200y, are you not going to shoot? Id get a deer calibre, 25-06 is good, so is 260 which has better bullet choice and brass available.
    As in the OP. 300 yds too if needed. I'm surprised there is a greater selection of 260 brass over 243! Heads, fair enough. Every day is a school day.

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    I have shot Roe,Red & Fallow with my 243 the longest shot 300 yards(red hind) I use 85 Grain sierra hollow points with 39 grns of varget behind it. It is fantastically accurate.
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    A 243 at 300yds isn't going to just sting it........

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    260 what if you dont reload? i know learn or get BOTH,
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