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    tikka 223

    I have got a slight problem with my tikka varmint 223.when I check the zero the first shot is spot on then it moves up and to the right with each shot. after 5 shots its 3" off.if I leave it for 30 minutes its OK again.any ideas?

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    Is the rifle new?..had it long/shot it much?..factory ammo?..checked ALL stock and scope screws?..had any knocks?..firing from a cleaned barrel?..does it group ok after all of the above?

    Sorry but it's all relevant.
    "Don't say I didnae warn ye !"

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    Its 10 months old and has shot about 250 rounds,factory hornady 55g ammo.I normally clean it after 20 to 30 shots.scope screws are OK but I have not checked the stock screws I will check them.

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    I'd give the rifle a thorough clean & de-copper the bore (Wipe Out), clean the chamber, throat & bolt lug recesses too.
    Before shooting the cleaned barrel, clean out any traces of oil with meths on a patch & dry it.

    Remove the barreled action from the stock, clean it all & check that the barrel has been fully free floating - even when using a bipod.
    Check the condition of the bedding - look out for cracks in the stock & inspect the recoil lug for deformation or cracking.
    When refitting the metal into the stock make sure that the action is pressed back so that the recoil lug is in good contact with the stock before finally tightening the action screws to the correct torque.

    Check scope mounting - bases to rifle - rings to bases & scope clamping screws.

    Do you use a moderator - If so make sure it isn't coming loose when you fire. (You may want to do a grouping test without it).

    By stripping the rifle down, you may find the problem and you will be more familiar with it all - that is good for your confidence in it.

    With all that done you should have a rifle that shoots ok. Look at your technique, consistency & shot timing. Is the time the next cartridge is left in the chamber always the same? Are you bending the stock / fore end? Is your grip consistent? Are you touching the barrel when shooting?

    Good luck sorting it out - It shouldn't be difficult - Tikka Varminters are great rifles.


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    It's surprising how much difference a slightly loose scope or stock screw can make to the shot.
    Start out looking for the simple stuff like the mod working loose as mentioned above. Mine does that a bit and I've got used to checking it every so often.
    I'm paranoid about it getting stuck on so I keep the threads well oiled .
    "Don't say I didnae warn ye !"

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    All good suggestions here and each one alone could be the contributing factor... But it's the bit where you say after 30 minutes it's back to normal!

    That would suggest it's the barrel heating up... But a varmint barrel after 5 shots was it? Doesn't seem likely!

    I hope that you get to the bottom of it, because it's things like this, that'll spoil a good days shooting!

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    don't clean it!
    you are just introducing yet another variable into this equation

    solve this problem first

    such a linear correlation between shot count and POI that decreases with cooling can ONLY be physical
    its walking as the barrel heats up

    check clearance of barrel
    check action screws/ recoil lug, bedding or action void in the stock

    is it a plastic stock?
    using a bipod? Don't. they are bendy and your bipod can easily push the forend into the barrel
    use a soft rest and practice replicating your hold and rest to exclude that

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    I had the same problem as you on a new sako varmint .223 with about the same round count
    turned out to be the optilock mounts the front mount base was loosely attached to the ring but you wouldnt no by wiggling it only found out when i stripped it down i also found out the gun shop that fitted it all together had knocked the same front mount so tight on the dovetail we had to knock it back to get it off after proper torquing and fitting it solved my problem and confirmed that the gun is a better shot than i am lol.
    Using a sand bag is a good point rather than a bipod as u do get a lot of flex from the forend

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    checked the stock screws they were tight.i thought i had found the prob when i checked the barrel clearance its clear till 2" from the action.but then i checked my 243 its the same model both plastic stocks.and its the same clear up to 2" from the action,and that shoots fine.took off the stock and everything looks fine,i do use a bipod so i will try without one when i get an empty shed to zero it in.

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