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Thread: Another taxidermy disaster!

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    Another taxidermy disaster!

    19 Reasons Why @CrapTaxidermy Is The Most Horrifying Account On Twitter

    number 4 is a hideous creation concocted of a red fox, brown hare and sloth from the goonies!!

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    Robbo's will be in there somewhere. Same bloke did his wolf.

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    My wife woke up thinking I was having a fit I was laughing so much at these, the comments are hilarious!!!!

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    Ha ha the lion looks like Barbara Streisand with dudley moore lying next to her

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    Think all the mounts look like they have had a smoke of what the fox is smoking.
    History will be kind to me for I intend to write it.

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    Well I must admit that's pretty funny to look at.


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    Quote Originally Posted by steve109 View Post
    The Elk look decent enough.
    +1. The bull looks fine, the cow a little odd, but then it is probably the camera angle.
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    number nine and thirteen are crackers

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