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Thread: Red stags cast antlers

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    Red stags cast antlers

    Hi Chaps,
    I had a bit of a find yesterday, i have seen this stag all season, i even had my cross hairs on him once when he was in velvet, i saw him again with 7 other stags a few weeks ago when i took one of his friends in the picture below.
    So i was with another stalker yesterday and saw the first cast antler, and within a 100 yards found the other!

    His friend



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    Finding one shed antler is special enough, but to find both is something else; the pair of antlers in my avatar image were within 100 yards of each August Bank Holiday Monday I shan't quickly forget

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    I was looking for shed antlers one day and looked down at a crossed pair of antlers. A stag had shed a 3 point antler and 4 point antler at the same time. I picked up the pair with one hand.



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    DDS Looking at the antler seals this animal is prime and will be going back next season.

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    looks like the same strain

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    Along a fence line that the deer normally cross is a good place to look for cast antlers, landing after jumping the fence will often dislodge the antlers when the time is right, I could pick up 90% of my cast antlers along 100 yard length of fence that the stags jumped when coming to get fed.

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