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    I got badgered into going on holiday to Islay over new year,wasnt looking forward to it as it meant missing 2 days at phesants and usually start on the does over xmas,but by good fortune our friends who we were with are really friendly with the farm owners who own the house we were renting,and said I could do a bit of shooting when I was there.
    what a result,when I met with the farm manager I wasnt sure what I would be allowed to do,he took me a walk and showed me where to go there were deer and woodcock all over the place,
    I stalked every morning I was there but only shot 1 young doe,absoloutley tiny,in good nick but about half the size Iwould expect back in central scotland,lots of chances at red but had a hangover every day so didnt fancy a rough drag so was content to watch them.
    I had chance to go for geese but lots of whitefronts about and bird watchers so didnt want to make a mistake in half light.baged 6 woodcock 4 snipe,had 2 chances at right and lefts but missed first shot both times.
    All in allISLAYis awsome shooting fishing and whisky what more could you want!!!

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    We looked into holidaying there in the future. It looks a fantastic place.

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