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Thread: quick extendable butt pad for aics

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    quick extendable butt pad for aics

    After recently purchasing Archer night vision I am looking for extendable butt pad that a press of button extends when Archer is on but can quickly be put back in during daylight etc. Have seen new one from accuracy international quick adjust pad is this available separately or is anyone using something different.

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    Cheers will give him shout

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    I have the AI butt spike fitted to my AX and it is very good, it does exactly what you are wanting

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    Have you any pictures mate how much are they?

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    A butt spike is not want you want, that's a monopod that replaces a rear bag. I've also got one on my AX & AT, they're great, but not suitable for what you need.

    If you ring sporting services they can sell you a 'target adjustable butt', this will adjust at the push of a button like you say, and they're made for the aics / AW.

    They're about 75

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    Thanks butt I thought the target adjust butt pad only adjusted for angle etc not for lop.

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    I was under the impression that it did adjust for lop, but maybe it doesn't like you say.

    Sporting services would be your best bet for anything AI wise though, they would be able to advise what would work. Have you thought about just putting some more of the spacers on the butt?

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    I'll give them ring next week. I have also emailed Colin some pictures at onelessCharlie to see what he can come up with. Spacers wouldn't work as when I take Archer off I wouldn't be able to use scope during day.

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