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Thread: Hi To You All

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    Hi To You All

    Can I introduce myself!
    I am in Staffordshire and stalk in West Sussex for Fallow and Munties, in Norfolk for Roe and Munties and Sutherland for Reds. I have been at it for about 25 years and have DS1 and 2, as well as NVQ! now going for Lantra, I think it is vital to keep mopping up the qualifications as they come out as they always seem to get harder to pass in later years.
    I shoot about 30 - 40 deer a year plus foxes and bunnies.
    My rifles are
    I load all the centre fire ammo.
    I have a chiller at home and butcher about half of the venison I shoot, I also home smoke venison and make sausages.
    I do much of my own gun work, making rings and mounts, blueing etc.

    Can I make a proposal on to you on the subject of buying stalking, our syndicate has a policy of not selling stalking but will exchange outings with others, in this way I have been to many other interesting places to shoot deer Elk and Boar throughout Europe and had my hosts back to the uk in exchange. I have made new friendships and had some superb experiences.
    This is a great site and I wish it well
    Good hunting
    Peter Colman

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    Welcome. Your idea has to my mind some merit however it does not allow for those who only stalk on the let day basis or even by the outing basis through not having their own land leased or not.

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    One of the problems is that people do not trust eachother (perhaps through bad experiences) so by doing this the money aspect is not revealed to your guest.
    I do agree that many people are buying their stalking on the day by day basis but most seem to be atempting to find land of their own and then can go for this system.
    Stalking is still available for those prepared to knock on doors, a relative of mine has landed 2000 acres in East Anglia FOC by doing this, it has to be cheaper than 60 an outing!

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    welcome to the site peter,iam also in staffordshire.

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