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Thread: Morton rifle range

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    Morton rifle range

    Good afternoon all, just wondering if Morton clay targets near Livingston have opened there new rifle range yet???

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    I would also like to know if there are updates on opening dates / details etc. Does anyone on here have any new info ?


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    Spoke to Paul the owner last week.Still a few weeks off from opening.I believe the sides are on and the roof will go on this week weather permitting.Will keep you all posted.
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    Thanks for that Mark


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    Any update yet? I am due to retire in fifteen years, will it be ready by then .
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    Dear due-to-retiree... I'm working just down the road from there so I'll have a look tomorrow and post a report.
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    Spoke to Paul over the phone at the weekend, they were waiting for inspections to be carried out and are hopeful that it will be / should be open by the end of the month.

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    Is it still going to be FMJ only?

    I can't help but think this was a collosal lost opportunity.

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    I was there this this morning.
    Paul wasn't there but the chap I spoke to said they will be open in about two weeks, still waiting on final inspection and sign-off.
    He confirmed that expanding ammunition would not be allowed.
    I asked re .22 subs but the chap I spoke to couldn't say yay or nay on that as he wasn't on the rifle side of things, just clays.
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    Did he say why no expanding ammo?

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