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    Hello hello

    Hi all,

    Just a quick word of hello since I've been reading the site a while now and not yet stuck my head above the parapet.

    Born and bred in Northern Ireland, but since emigrated to the Cambridge Fens, I've been rough shooting on and off for 17 years (largely dictated by where I've been living/access to land).

    I only last year acquired my first CF rifle (CZ 550 .243) and have completed my DSC 1 but not yet taken my first deer.

    Have about 70 acres mixed woodland in Hertford although the local keeper tells me poachers have driven off most if not all of the local roe/munty population. And also approx 30 acres in south Cambridgeshire with a known munty problem, but I've not yet had the opportunity to visit the land.

    That's me! I'll hopefully bag my first munty by the end of spring.

    Any hints, tips, tricks, advice, local shooting opportunities (of all varieties) etc. all greatly appreciated.


    (yes, I was nicknamed Stig long before Top Gear... I was named after Clive King's, "Stig of the Dump")

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    Welcome to the site stig

    You have come to right place for info.

    You live in the right place for munty and myself have done quite a lot of stalking around Cambridgeshire, in and around Huntington where i have shot plenty of Munty and 1 or 2 CWD and Fallow.



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    Welcome indeed. Keep up the good work. I am sure you'll connect with the Deer before too long.

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    cheers fellas. photographic evidence will be posted when I've taken my first...

    (wadashot - I did hear sight of fallow over by my Herts wood too, but alas I suspect they'll be gone as well... that'll not stop me from closely monitoring the land fr first signs of any return)

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