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Thread: What do you think?

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    What do you think?

    I know im late but thought you's might want to see it.

    Howling in the Cairngorms | The Scottish Farmer
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    Nice one lol and I read every word.

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    good one nice and topical too ,as there is a very rich pillock who actually wants to reintroduce them

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    Quote Originally Posted by palmer_mike View Post
    April fool?
    Thats a shame


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    Should have posted before Midday..... Nice prank just the same.

    Longstanding customs

    United Kingdom

    In the UK, an April fool joke is revealed by shouting "April fool!" at the recipient, who becomes the "April fool". A study in the 1950s, by folklorists Iona and Peter Opie, found that in the UK, and in countries whose traditions derived from the UK, excluding Australia, the joking ceased at midday.[12] A person playing a joke after midday is the "April fool" themselves.[2]

    My father used to catch me out when a schoolchild !
    Incidentally uesd to be known as Hunty Gout.

    "let him without sin cast the first stone"

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    The best April Fools are the most believable. There is a movement to "rewilding" remote parts of the country based on a theory of "trophic cascades". The work on Wolves in America is making for an interesting debate, this article by Dr Arthur Middleton makes an interesting read on the Wolf. It should allow a more informed rebuttal of some of the more exaggerated claims.

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