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    Tracking book


    Ive decided my dog shows great aptitude for tracking deer as he's had some really good finds on the does over the winter. He's only 14 months old. I've called him up and I've pretty much said to him 'find the deer' and pointed him in the right direction, not very technical I'm sure. He's found then all pretty easily the ones in cover and obviously the ones in plain site. I had one doe a few nights ago at last light, showed no reaction to shot. Couldn't find any blood on the field. Took the dog to where the doe when in the woods, now almost dark. Told him to get on and he found the deer, dead, in quite dense cover about 30m in wood, very happy with him.

    Can anyone recommend any good books on deer/dog tracking training please. Mainly covering what to use for scent trails and how to get the dog to mark the find if not on a tracking lead, ie come back and take me to the deer.


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    purdeydog, Try Niels Sondergaards book Working with dogs for deer.

    It sounds like you dog is doing ok, but if you don't mind it sounds like the deer were all dead and not far away. Can you tell me what you would do if the deer he found the other evening had been only lightly wounded and he and the deer had disaperd into the darkness. Then when he returns , Maybe ? how would you find he injured beast.

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    +1 on widu - great book.
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    Thanks for the replies. Widu, in the circumstances the other evening if it was alive and hold up perhaps a bit further on im confident he would of sniffed it out. Had it gone on much further I really can't say weather he would of. Ive dragged a freshly shot doe about 100yards in a straight line along a hedge last week and he found it ok. Which makes me think he may have potential. I dont really know what im doing but I think both he and me would enjoy it so should learn to do it correctly. If he did find a wounded deer that i had sent him to find at this stage I suspect he would bring it down, rightly or wrongly.

    Hes turned out to be good in the beating line. Just stayed at heal last winter as young but walks to heal sits stays and stops well all on the whistle. Can you have a dog that can do both... the beating line and track? I hope so.

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    Hi purdeydog PM sent about books

    A dog for both deer and beating the simple answer is yes.Arthur my HWV,tracks,beats with daughter or wife and picks up 3 days a week on commercial shoots during the seasonClick image for larger version. 

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