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Thread: Accuracy international .308

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    Accuracy international .308

    Accuracy international folding stock AI AE mk iii 24” .308 screwcut barrel m18x1.5 c/w FDE AI skins and black viperskins with V1 and V2 rear skins and fat and thin pistol grips – has shot sub 400 rounds, and won a 1st place at egg shoot (factory class, 9th overall), 2nd and 3rd place at quarry shoots and 4th place at the inaugural RRC. – as expected it shoots very well, I have tried 125sst, 168sst, 155 amax, 155 scenar and 155 smk- all shoot exceptionally well with minimal load development (and all shoot to the same poi at 100m so rifle can be grab and go for target or hunting work).

    Sl5 moderator, .30 cal, m18x1.5 thread – painted black and covered in FDE cammo tape

    2 x 10 shot mags

    Shooting shed AI specific bore guide

    Hk swivels

    200 2x fired lapua brass in mtm boxes

    Any spare target heads I have at time of sale (currently 180 amax, 190 scenar)

    Peli 1700 case (the small one) fits quite nicely when folded

    Cost for all above is 2800 delivered to your rfd or collected f2f.

    Optional extra (to the purchaser of the rifle only)

    Schmidt pm2 5-25x56 c/w tenebraex covers and 28 moa genuine AI one piece mount (machined to fit PM2)
    Scope is ffp p4lf ret illuminated

    2000 in addition to the 2800 for the rifle and equipment listed above, making 4800 in total
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    Why are you selling it gar, probaly boring to shoot its so accurate, my mate got a callum ferguson 25 06, boringly accurate my mate sez

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    Selling to fund custom build in 6.5x47lapua.

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    Can you specify a location please, thanks.

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    Bump, going on gun trader when new rifle arrives back from proof/painting.

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    Sounds like you should stick this hunk of junk on gun trader!

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    Hunk of junk ,thats a little harsh, am guessing you would have one if you had the money, these things shoot

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    Maybe a tad harsh but its not my thing at all, though they are accurate and I can vouch for Gary's but I'll stick with my hunting rifle and 7x mag scope. If I can't see enough of it I get closer!

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    When's the new toy gonna get here for a play Gary?

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