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Thread: BBC Nature photography shortlist

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    BBC Nature photography shortlist

    Some lovely photographs among these. The roe buck is a cracking pic...

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    Some cracking photographs, particularly impressed with the close up of the hare, and the bat.

    But just a minor observation, the boar are described as a 'herd of piglets' I thought it would be a litter, or a sounder. I could be wrong?

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    Great picture of the buck Andy and one I saw a few times on Wednesday lol

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    Yep , all great pictures ....the buck is a great shot
    Enjoy yourself's later than you think !!

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    Collective nouns for pigs:
    A drift, team or herd of pigs.
    When a group is being moved they are a drove of pigs.
    Young ones are a litter or a
    farrow of piglets
    Then there's a sounder of wild pigs, a passel of hogs or a group of boars.


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