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Thread: Wildlife and political street art in unexpected spaces

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    Wildlife and political street art in unexpected spaces

    Hello everyone.

    I thought some of you may be interested in some rather off-the-wall, or rather on-the-wall, artwork that I came across last week on a really pretty horrible housing estate in London. I was actually on the bus heading somewhere else when this mural of a snipe caught my eye, and I decided to stop on the way back to investigate. I'm sure you'll agree it's an unusually good representation of a snipe, and certainly not what you'd expect to find adorning this particular wall. In fact, I'd say it's an unusual subject for graffiti.

    Attachment 40096

    On the return journey, this barn owl near the bins suggested that someone on the estate clearly had a keen interest in the sorts of birds that are to be found nowhere nearby and thought this would brighten up a miserable environment, which it certainly does.

    Attachment 40097

    I kept going, and after this pretty standard mural of Nelson Mandela, noticed that in the archway to the right of Madiba, the bare concrete had been decorated with some very creative political ceramics. I was particularly taken with the Big Brother representation featuring the riot police.

    Attachment 40100Attachment 40099

    Riots and its' causes were a bit of a theme. I'm particularly taken with the tile about riots being the voice of the unheard, with a member of the said unheard coming into view on the right.

    Attachment 40101Attachment 40102

    On the way back out, we encounter the dream of the Great Outdoors beyond the M25 in the form of yet another great painting of a game bird:

    Attachment 40103

    As I left the state, I found this brilliant Banksy-style work, and finally, I've included a view of the back of the estate so that you can see the canvas.

    Attachment 40104Attachment 40105

    I know that's not strictly stalking-related, but it's heartening to see that even in the decrepit concrete jungle, some people are dreaming of what we may sometimes take for granted. I also think this displays much more depth of thought than what we perhaps give people credit for. I don't see anything here about rioting for free trainers.

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    Real talent, hope it finds a profitable outlet.
    Free entertainment too.
    I wonder what the proprietors of the premises think...maybe in a few years they will be taking that bit of wall or door out and selling it as happened recently to a Banksy.
    "Don't say I didnae warn ye !"

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    Quote Originally Posted by PointBlank View Post
    Interesting, thanks for that. I can believe that the area used to be marshland, there are a couple of built-over streams under the streets and a few rare soggy bits around too.

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