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Thread: Border Stalkers Rifle Shoot

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    Border Stalkers Rifle Shoot

    On behalf of Stag1933, it's time to post up the dates for the "Border Stalkers" rifle shoot.
    All shoots at Penrith Clay Shooting Ground, Bowscar (Behind the Stoney Beck Pub).

    Sunday 20th April M Newby Decanter/North West Shield
    Sunday 15th June C Batty Memorial Shoot/
    Sunday 17th August Bill Grant Memorial Shoot/Hubertus Shield

    Main Comp' (DSC1 profile), Fun Shoot (DSC1 profile), 2 Shot Comp (Nearest Bull), and Zero Card available. There's also a free Raffle for those who enter the main Comp' for a bottle of Whiskey.
    Prizes and insults from HWH at the end.....

    All shoots start at 10.00am, a pre zero'd rifle/rain coat/and a few pennies are that's needed......



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    Hello Ratty
    i'll be there for the abuse with some more dodgy pound coins!

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    Darren... Get 'em spent before the Royal Skint changes the profile ;-)

    Please note: Any unattended Children on the range will be given a Double Espresso and a Free Puppy!!

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    Thanks for that Ratty.
    It is unlikely that I will be up there due to my ailments but if yourself or Bear can call here before the shoot I will pass over a litre of Bells to you for the free raffle.
    Make sure that all competitors have insurance to comply with our legal requirements.

    Regards, HWH.

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    Is anybody else from SD attending on Sunday?

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    Wolfman should be 'ere trying to keep his trophy for another year.... there are others but you'd be surprised who never lets on who's who....

    We shall be dragging HWH up for insults at the end, regardless of his protestations!!

    Just hoping the weather holds as some grinning suit on the Beeb was threatening showers, or was he just summing up the attendee's

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    Planning on attending - hope the weather stays fine.


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    What is the exact format of these shoots please.. Cost, setup, no of attendees, prizes, etc

    wouldnt mind getting something going down here.


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    I may be able to get there too..

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    I shall be attending, along with Wolf Sr, lets hope the weather is as nice as todays.

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