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Thread: Grouse.

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    I have been controlling vermin on a moorland in Central Scotland for 8 years and there is a healthy grouse population on there now. Looking for two helpers to take some interest in developing it into a good walked up shoot. Some 400 acres of wild heather and 100 of arable farmland edging on to forestry block which have roe spilling over on to the land. I have been offered crazy money to let it out to foreign guns but would rather have some sport first for a few years. Get back via PM with your suggestions please?

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    I think that your in box might be very full by tomorrow!!

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    sounds nice pity its so far ,good luck with it rd, doug,

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    I give up... Free grouse shooting, roe and vermin and exercise all for ZILCH.....
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    pity, its a good offer just googled it three and a half hrs for me
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    Out of interest how many grouse make up a healthy population on 400 acres? How many would you intend to shoot?

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    I will do a count in June/July and the amount shot doesn't matter as long as my walking line has a good day out.
    A few brace to each gun will do me and i won't get stressed if it takes a year or two.

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    I pm'd you this morning r.d

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