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Thread: Close encounter of the stag kind

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    Close encounter of the stag kind

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    Bang bang! Quality video mate!!
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    Think he forgot the shovel and clean pants

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    Brilliant! That took some bottle to stand there like that.

    How far into the rut are you over there?


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    Well done that's awesome

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    that's braw well done that man.

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    i just say peekaboo to roe does,

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    Hunting isn't just something I do it's part of who I am

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    Sorry, I should have mentioned it is not my vid. It was made by a fellow hunter here and posted on a kiwi forum. I just thought it worth sharing.
    The Reds are starting to fire up everywhere here, and the Sika wont be far behind them. It has been unusually hot and dry of late (24 degs) , which I believe has delayed things a bit.

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