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Thread: usa brass and bullers

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    usa brass and bullers

    Hi guys iam in the usa orlando , i requested at the air port can I take brass and bullets, brass prep station back home and after 30 mins a cop and 5 of his pals came out and had a conflab the tsa air who had no probs but then got the airline cops involved officer Bob then gave me the red line treatment no you cant any object that can be used to make ammo is banned unless you have a export cert with you when we check your bagage on your return . We will probably arrest you and grab you and any thing you have and the rest is up to the judge?. are there any usa or brit lads on here who know the laws in orlando and where can I find my rights on this as I have never had this problem before ! Its a fair bet my cards marked so I need it to be in stone as to what I can and cant take out of the usa. When I said I could have 5kg ammo he said no no no no way I have been doing the 25 years you need a cert to export and fire arm and any part inc plastic forends and stocks . Then I said sporting allowances his voice went by two octaves and he said you need a cert from the goverment department to take out any item you buy as I will be exporting it thats the end of it dont doit .! jobs worth bob over ruled the tsa and he had the final word ,
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    Not sure I can answer with any authority - but -go online to Natchez shooting sports ( and speak with them. They really know their stuff

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    Thanks feller this cop was acting just like your advertar I shall have a look at the site.

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    That is bo lox last year I went to Florida and bought the Hornaday lock and load kit, dies in .243, .308 & .223, scales, etc. I put them all in one smallish case and checked them in as normal with my hold luggage. On collection at Manchester the case had been opened (my tamper proof seal had been cut off) on inspection everything was still there. I made enquiries before leaving and was told that it would have been opened & checked by customs due to its picture on the x ray. No issues but I didn't have any brass or bullets or an export licence

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    Good luck Paul
    Nice to have known you LoL.

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    Hi again Paul,

    Just remembered,
    My Mate ( who is now a Vicar) used to do the trick with the contraceptive where he pulled it over his head and blew it up via his nose to make him a cone head ( absolutely hilarious ) He performed this trick whilst in the Virgin Islands, their contraceptives are not so stretchy as ours so on his next trip he took 3 dozen over so they could practice his trick.
    He got pulled on entry to the States and full body searched,again at VB, and so on back through the States via Canada on his way home.
    He offered to demonstrate to the jobs worths but they didn't want to know.( No sense of humour)
    Needless to say this is not a tale he relates from the pulpit.


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    you cannot buy ammo in the USA unless you are a citizen of the USA , when I have travelled with ammo to and from the USA I have had the correct paper work, I also did return with expanding heads , dies and cases, all these were within the limits on my FAC, the authorities were not interested in the cases and bullets, just the live rounds and rifles, which is what I had permission for, if you appear with live ammo at the airport then you when you declare this for the flight this is when the people that do know the rules appear and you will probably be late on your return to the uk,
    as far as I know cases, bullets and the prep station would be ok,


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    I'm unsure of the exact details of the law, but: I was in the US last year, and bought a Lee Loader and a few other reloading bits (no actual bullets or cases) over the web from Cabela's, to be delivered to my mother's address in Arizona. I then packed them into my luggage and brought them home, with no trouble.

    However, the day after arriving home, I got a panicked email from Cabela's, who had realised that I'd paid with a UK debit card, and they had put 2-and-2 together (or the Feds had on their behalf). The wanted assurance that the reloading gear was not going to be exported from the US. Too late...

    So my interpretation of that is that it is illegal to export any reloading gear without a permit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mungo View Post
    So my interpretation of that is that it is illegal to export any reloading gear without a permit.
    Never had a problem ordering dies, brass or bullets etc from the USA.
    I have done it with several proper on-line stores, and loads of times from e-bay.
    The last items I ordered were brass and a die, both arrived with a full description
    on the customs form, and both came from private e-bay sellers.


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    I understand legally all bullets are considered the same as live ammo in the UK. They have to go on a FAC and you can only hold the defined amount as per your FAC total bullets and/or live rounds. I understand the motivation to buy bullets, but legally it is serious and probably not worth it. Brass and reloading equipment, I think, as they are not controlled items, are okay to buy and bring into the UK. But to be honest is it worth flying brass past airport security and getting your luggage ripped open? Might as well concentrate on reloading trinkets, dies etc., there is plenty to buy without crossing the line.

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