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Thread: Ziess Conquest / Ziess Duralyt.... whats the difference ?

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    Ziess Conquest / Ziess Duralyt.... whats the difference ?

    Hi everyone,

    Ive been considering buying a Ziess Duralyt recently but been procrastinating about it. Then yesterday the chance to buy a Ziess Conquest 3-9x40 came my way ...

    Im struggling to work out the difference ..other than the conquest only has a 1" tube against the duralyt 30mm.
    Also only really seeing the conquest for sale in europe and the one in UK is selling new ones?

    I checked on Ziess website and it was even more confusing as they list "Ziess Conquest Duralyt " - as one model the same.

    Where do they come in relation to each other? Im guessing the conquest came first....then was superseded by the conquest duralyt ?

    Ziess model names are so confusing lol
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    The Conquest were made for the US market, you couldn't sell a 1" tubed scope in Europe as Europeans think that is cheap stuff.... hence the 30mm tubed Duralyt.I looked through the 3-9x40 a few times, only thing that might be negative is the field of view. See if you find a data sheet and compare to the Duralyt. Otherwise the 3-9x40 would make an extremely lightweight scope with good glass. The three 6.5-20x50 conquests I have, have brilliant glass. What I heard from a Zeiss Engineer was that the duralyt range apparently should have better light transmission compared to the top range as the duralyt have one lens less.

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    Thats great ejg , thanks very much !

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    the new conquest range for the usa market is made in germany. i really wish zeiss uk would market the conquest over here

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    Is there a good reason why they don't sell the conquest over here?

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    NOPE there good scopes first class

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    Conquest is here, just starting to arrive now. It's is 30mm tube like the Duralyt not 25mm! Basically the Conquest is very similar to the Duralyt but with practical and ergonomic improvements to it's fine features like the illumination buttons and with the ASV option which is a big step up.

    Hope to have one very soon on my estate rifle and looking forward to it very much.

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    had a look at the new conquest dl on Tuesday at calton moor range, fantastic bit of kit, think they very thin on the ground at present though

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    If you do decide on a Duralyt have a look at Swillington's website. I bought a 3 - 12 x 50 for just 550 a few days ago.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Deanandrew64 View Post
    had a look at the new conquest dl on Tuesday at calton moor range, fantastic bit of kit, think they very thin on the ground at present though
    I was at CMR recently and saw the very scope, nice job !

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