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Thread: Anyone use a GPS Hunting Dog Tracking System

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    Anyone use a GPS Hunting Dog Tracking System

    Does anyone on here use a Gps or radio tracking system for their tracking dogs on here? I was looking at theTinyLoc GPS Hunting Dog Tracking System
    and it looks pretty good, just wondering if anyone has first hand experience and whether Gps or radio tracking works better?

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    Not a system that i would think would get a lot of use here in the U.K, would be good on a Kopov hunting boar.

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    just before Xmas i bought a Garmin Astro Nordic for the Kopov. Amazing bit of kit. It tells me to the meter where the dog is ,if its hunting ,baying or sitting etc. It shows the track the dog has taken and you can down load the whole days hunting onto the computer at the end of the day if you want to. You can get maps for it down to 1-25000. Range with the car roof mounted antenna is over 20 km . Down side it cost a lot of money.

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    Never seen them used on deer dogs here but whilst me and another member from the site was shooting black cock and capercailly (dont know if its the right spelling!!), in Sweeden, they used them on all their dogs. Was very impressive in the vast forrests. You couldnt shoot there without using them. They even told us if the dog was pointing up a tree at a bird or on the ground pointing. I do think they would be handy for in the big forrests in this country if your dog was away hunting a wounded deer.

    Just though Id share this with you.

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    I use it here in Sweden on my boar hunting dog.
    They were first imported from the US a few years ago. The powers that be decided they could not be licenced for use here because the worked on the wrong radio wave length and by using them here would cause planes to fall out of the sky ,ambulances to crash and the world come to a sudden stop . So Garmin made a version for the Scandinavien market that is the same wave lenght as our hunting radios.
    You can get the US version fron there are two types of sender. The best one is the collar type .The one that goes in a harness on the dogs back has a habit of the antenna snapping off.
    Should work in the UK ok I think you would just have to put in the map.

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    We use them on our dogs as a back up. There was a review in sporting rifle last month of the tinyloc telemetry /gps system that we use and stock in the shop.
    They are like most things they need a bit of getting used to and you need to practice a bit with them and not just get it out when you need it in anger.
    They are viewed as almost the anti Christ by some traditionalists who favour the standard reporting methods and nothing else, however my argument has always been that progress is normally a good thing especially when its a safety net and donít forget you still need an element of training to get the dog to stay with the deer until you arrive or it just becomes a giant game of Pac man.
    Both have their good/bad points, line of sight needed, range or mobile signal for gps to name a few. This is why we went for the r2 unit which has both.
    hope this helps

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    I have the Contact pro with the light sender for when i hunt the teckle. Nice bit of kit but has limited range. Will not pin point the dog like the GPS trackers. Gps senders are far to large for a teckle .
    With out a dought the Gps trackers are in a league of there own.

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    which collar is that one??
    been looking at the 30's as that seems to be the new one out

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    Hej Rich, the collar is the DC30. The garmin seems to be the most sold GPS tracking unit in Sweden. It seems to have made all the others seem old fashioned and everybody i know that has one is more than pleased.
    Wait till they bring out one with a camera in it 8)

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    cheers mate
    got one on order
    so glad i made the right choice
    just hope customs clear it with out all the extra added crap
    it's not for me, but a friend

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