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Thread: Weihrauch HW 90 .22 gas ram

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    Weihrauch HW 90 .22 gas ram

    As per title .22 gas ram by Theoben air rifle with 3-9x50 scope.
    Very powerfull and virtually recoil-less.
    Also have a HW45 .22 air pistol which I bought new and just never use it ,still in its box.
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    HW45 pistol sold already.

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    Hi Steve,

    I’m interested in you air rifle, can you email over somemore pictures please?
    Also, where in Ipswich are you?
    It’s a very nice looking bit of kit, can you give me anymore details, how well does it shoot and what's the condition of the scope?

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    If you PM me your E-mail address I can send some more pics It does shoot well but I just never get a chance to use it.
    I am 10 mls outside of Ipswich.

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    Rifle still available.

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