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Thread: Richard Head

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    Richard Head

    If this is for real, I really hope he gets whats coming.

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    have you reported it to the police?

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    Dare I say it, but the RSPCA would likely push that to a legal conclusion more than a direct call to the police!?

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    Is there a national wildlife crime unit or something it can be reported to? Disgraceful!!
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    Ban them

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    Shocking. Is there a direct point of contact to report this type of wildlife crime online?

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    Bill Gibb,s
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    Done... reported the scum bag

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    Who too mate ? So i can do the same

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    I contacted my local (hampshire constabulary) who gave me an email address to post the link to.

    All the hard work and hoops we jump through as keepers/stalkers/shooters and clowns like this ruin it for everyone

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