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Thread: last rites/sayings

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    last rites/sayings

    hi all, was talking to a former raf officer awhile back who learnt his stalking craft with some german barons/nobelmen. at the end of a succesful stalk they would kneel down beside the animal and say a few words for its final passage, i do the same but words escape me in the moment any suggestions thats fitting , thanks sb.

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    One of my friends who is also on the stalking site told me the words he used to say and Ive done it ever since.

    It goes like this - I hope Ive got it right

    Sorry I have killed you
    When we meet again in the next life
    may your spirit forgive mine

    I think its originally said in gaelic.

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    I always say... He who hesitates sleeps with the goats 8)

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    Respect for the Slain

    You are quite right. The asking for forgiveness after the killing of an animal was a primitive hunters rite dating back to the Clans of part of whats now Banffshire which was called " The Hundred Hills" (a translation) in prehistory. This kind of rite is found in a lot of native hunting people's folklore and American Indians quote an almost identicle apology. My Grandfather taught me the one quoted by the Beattie16 and I have passed it to all who I stalk with. I would like to hear you say it again Tom so if you and Al want to come and visit drop me a PM. David

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    Hi Davie

    Would love to come up again. Will speak to Alan and get something sorted. Speak soon.. Cheers Tam

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    The Navajo would offer a prayer to the gods when they killed a deer.

    "I have killed one of your animals but it will not go to waste."

    I don't believe they prayed directly to the animal's spirit.

    My apologies in advance to any that might be offended if I have misinterpreted this ritual.

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    I often find myself talking to the shot beast.

    perhaps Im going senile?

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    Hey kids we're eating this week .

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    How about "I'll ask Griff to keep the quad in low, so you don't feel the bumps"

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