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Thread: A very special 300 win mag

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    A very special 300 win mag

    Here i have a special rifle i got made ,as you can see by the wood it was the best available from a turkish wood merchant at the time i was looking.

    so have a look for know and i will put more pictures and details on a bit later but i have to go out.

    regards chris

    here is the spec;

    Sako finn bear action which i found brand new

    Exhibition grade turkish walnut blank

    24k gold inlay

    sako mounts engraved with oak leaves

    swarovski 2.5x10x42 4a ret

    custom fit green peli 1750 case

    and around 250 ish sako 180grn hammerheads factory rds (i bought 300 when rifle was finished)

    it was engraved by M.Long who does it for H&H, the roe head is one i have stuffed and is a bailie monster bronze medal.

    all in all this might not sell as it was personally done for me and my tastes but here we go.

    4500 ish
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails IMG_0116.jpg   IMG_0123.jpg   IMG_0117.jpg   IMG_0118.jpg   IMG_0115.jpg  

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    Chris stunning woodwork makes the stock seem alive, I'd be too scared to own a rifle like that .I was going to say just in case i damaged it ....but ...more like when I damaged it .

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    that's a braw braw rifle Chrisc very very nice. would love to have but way oot of my price range.

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    thank you lads for the comments it is truly beautiful grained wood and believe me i have seen and bought some of the best .

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    Now that is a stunning piece of kit, I agree with Griffshrek I would be scared to damage it............but what a rifle to own truely wonderful, good luck with the sale, you have some stunners for sale at the moment. Cheers Bob.

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    I'd be scared to breath on it! Shame you can't hang them over the mantelpiece in the UK...

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    retracted from been up forsale

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    I'd rather sell a kidney than a rifle made for me to that standard. You'd need your head looking at if you were selling that!

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    Quote Originally Posted by flyingfisherman View Post
    I'd rather sell a kidney than a rifle made for me to that standard. You'd need your head looking at if you were selling that!
    hi ben a rifle is only a material thing and with been a dealer you see that much stuff they all blend into just in this case metal and wood and the fascination of nice stuff or better or newer is just the norm , i have had rifles from all the best london makers and in the end they are just a mauser wrapped up to shine.
    so i can understand where you are coming from but at the end of the day you only need 1 accurate rifle to do the job.

    regards chris

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