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Thread: NEW Zeiss Conquest DL 3-12x50

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    NEW Zeiss Conquest DL 3-12x50

    What does everyone think to these new scopes? Anyone had any experience etc ? Not a bad price IMO considering it has ASV

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    I have watched a few videos and read the technical blurb and I really like the sound of them. Very tempted to treat myself to one in a few months.

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    Yeah i am tempted as the price sounds very appealing

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    just picked one up from uttings they are very nice a few improvements over the duralyt i have but mostly cosmetic. the asv is very nice touch, positive no backlash but limited in adjustment range and no windage which is disapointing. i was trying to simplify my gear from huge turrets and fancy reticles as i dont shoot long range alot anymore. Just need a fairly robust simple stalking optic this fits the bill nicely

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    zeiss seam to be bumping up the prices but taking stuff off the scopes. in this day and age windage and elevation turrets should be a must for a varmint scope. on a scope for deer i can see why there not wanted though

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