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    .22 wmr


    I have for sale a .22 wmr bruno few marks on the rifle just through normal use.

    rifle was brought brand new and 500 rounds where purchased with it from new still have 172 left (33g vmax)

    comes with hawk scope and sound mode

    complete package ready to go out with

    250 + p&p and RFD costs your side


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    Is the barrel American or varmint and have you the mod thread type please



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    not sure on the first but American I think. and 1/2" unf


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    Hi all
    I still have this rifle for sale if anyone is interested.
    It is in very very good condition.

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    hi there

    I am interested in rifle where abouts are you

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    Was let down buy someone on this rifle
    So still for sale

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    I appreciate it's all relative to the shooter but what groups were you getting with the rifle and ammo combo? I'm thinking of swapping my HMR for a WMR mainly for more close range fox.

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    FWIW I have HMR and WMR in the same rifle
    WMR is much more accurate with 33gr Rem ammo

    it is my urban/golf course fox rifle of choice

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