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Thread: one big one small....

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    one big one small....

    hi all

    well as it is now buck season i thought i would make the most of it and try for a nice buck on the 1st

    i have been seeing a lot of good bucks about all have been big 6 pointers its been nice watching theses deer grow over the past few months but it was now time to find one for the table..

    i set of to a local farm to check zero as the day before a got soaked and gave the rifle a good clean when i got home.. within four shots the gun was back on target so wasted no time making my way to another farm..

    i arrived at 4.00pm and it was glorious sun shining no wind everything looking lush and bright i had good a feeling things may go to plan and a deer might pay me a visit ....

    on this patch of land its really open so i new i had to sit very still all evening .. i stayed in the one spot sitting on the ground for three hours with nothing but squirrel sightings but then i was disturbed with what seamed the loudest text in the world i forgot to turn the phone on silent my fault ,,,it was a friend of mine a fellow pw member mark(foxhunter1) asking me if i had took a buck. i began writing a reply saying no luck as of yet i sent the text and as i sat up to put my phone away .... would you believe it a munty had appeared in front of me about 150 yards..

    i dropped the phone sank down to my belly and found the deer in the scope at this point he was now about 130 i gave a bark took aim and dropped him on a nice heart shot..

    as it was still early and light after the clock change i thought i would continue to see if anything else came into view ...

    the sun went down the temp dropped and the day was was beginning to fade away..

    i was still sat in the same place but i had put my binoculars down on my bag about two foot to my left i thought i would have a quick scan before it was to dark to see as i turned and reached over i buck and a doe had came out the tree line 40 yards to my side he had clocked me instantly but instead of running he stood his ground and begin to stamp his feet at me as a threat ..

    my rifle was on its pod facing the opposite way i thought if he stays there while i can reach my rifle i may be in with a chance i vely slowly sat up and stretch out my right arm keeping eye contact with him and raised the tikka into position he was still wanting a fight stepping closer and stamping i held my aim and waited for him to move broad side as soon as he did i took my shot and he was down...

    i was over the moon with both deer they where both in stunning condition and had plenty of weight to them

    now before people jump on me saying hes still in velvet .. im aware he was in velvet and yes a could have waited till he lost it but i hunt firstly for food, there head is a bonus in my eyes. this land is shot by me there is no shortage of good bigger bucks. i would have taken the shot if he had no antlers and would have taken the shot if he was a gold.. i just like it to be quick and done right

    both have now been butchered and shared out the roes head will be sorted and stained and mounted and the munty head will be a gift to a friend all is used every ones is happy .....

    many thanks andy

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    Good write up and a nice mixed brace Andy


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    thanks tim i was over the moon with them ... i have chilli tonight and guess what the mince is lol

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    A great start into season, while we have to wait 4 more weeks

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