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Thread: roof bars or roof racks for a Toyota Hilux that are fast to put on and remove

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    roof bars or roof racks for a Toyota Hilux that are fast to put on and remove

    Hello, does anyone think that there is a good system on the market for the above ussage. I do lots of motorway miles and thus don't want to have something that is always attached as it wastes fuel. If I can just pop it on within a few minuites it would be super.

    Kind regards, Olaf

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    I have a set of Thule bars on my Hilux , cost about 130.00 I think, Quick & easy to get on & off .

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    +1 for thule

    I have a set of bars for sale for use with a rail (designed for a renault Trafic van but will fit others)

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    I have a set of Thule roof bars that I used to use on my Landcruiser. Said Landcruiser is now gone, but the roof bars remain in my garage. I don't know that they are the same model on the Hilux (sadly my guess is not), but if by any chance they are, they are yours for a bargain price!

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    These guys are good to deal with and carry the Thule range. The website is easy to use as you can select your car model and it only shows you the relevant fitments.

    I called them yesterday for a tonneau cover and they were very helpful and knowledgeable.



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    Many thanks, that's great info. I like the look of how they work. I assume that the Thule racks just clip out of the bases once you don't need them anymore and the bases remain attached to the vehicle ?
    I'll look into it .....
    Many thanks.

    Kind regards, Olaf

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    check out Car Roof Boxes | Bike Racks | Roof Bars - The Roof Box Company and they will show you all options for your vehicle model. Thule aren't necessarily the best, just normally the most expensive. If they have a suitable fit for your model of hilux (and they should) then I would recommend Cruz bars. They are getting on for half the price of Thule bars and test as least as well. They have exactly the same track system for fitting boxes or carriers so fully compatible with any accessories you might want to fit.

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    Hi Olaf
    I bought a set of universal ones from Lidl for my Grand Vitara and I have had them on for about a year they have been brilliant cost me about 25.


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