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    My B.a.s.c is up for remwal, & although IMO they are a great group, with all they offer..i do not read the mag, attend the meets, or anything else ,they offer... its an insurance thing..who else is good value for the & how do you find there work ?

    Regards Y

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    30 10 million public liability insurance.

    Website is junk, new one is under development if Ian can get his finger oot.


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    SACS every time,extremely helpful as well...........'M'

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    Was with SACS 9+ years, & BASC 11 years, changed 2 years ago to SGA. Getting a better deal money wise , plus your insurance certificate arrives before the old one expires, unlike SACS where it take atleast 30days to come through , lost a month Stalking every year in the bucks season on FC land no insurance certificate NO STALKING!!! BEWARE...

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    As a stalker member of the National Gamekeepers Organisation the fees are 30
    and the insurance cover is 10 million.

    Very pleasant people to deal with !!


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    SGA every time SACS is a waste of space .

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    It was mentioned on another forum recently that in the small print,the NGO policy doesn't actually cover you for a lot of the activities you would expect. Worth looking into.

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    You say it is an insurance thing, check out what you get for the different policies - BASC appears to give more cover to me. Cheaper does not mean better especially in the insurance world nor in the world of optics either. Many people can clearly see the differences between cheap and generally poor optics compared to expensive but good optics, They just seem to have a blind spot when it comes to insurance and the benefits. Probably because most of us thankfully never have to claim.

    I don't see the point of saving a few pounds each year if when something goes wrong (and God forbid that it ever does) you are not properly covered when you thought you were and find yourself landed with a bill of several thousand or several hundred thousand pounds to pay. I can safely say that my wife would not be best pleased if I had to sell the house to pay a claim against me because of an accident in the fields sports field!

    What you get for your pound does matter and in my opinion you get more for your pound with BASC than elsewhere plus the benefits. You also say that you don't use any of the services that they offer but you do, everyone who shoots will benefit from their political initiative. Check out what they are doing for you on the General Election thread on this forum.

    As you said yourself it's a great group.



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