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Thread: Educational Resources Needed - Ammunition/Ballistics

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    Educational Resources Needed - Ammunition/Ballistics

    Hi Folks
    Does anyone know where I would be able to find some useful resources which could be used as a teaching aid.
    I teach the safe use of firearms and topics relating i.e. how they function/ammunition/ballististics etc to 17+ year olds and would like to get my mitts on some cross sections of cartridges and bullets.
    There are lots of good quality you tube clips and animations which are useful but I'd like to have some posters etc up in the classroom.

    I remember years and years ago at my local Clay Ground the cafe walls were adorned with Eley (i think) poster sized, plastic cross section displays of inside a shotgun cartridge (guess they were sent out with reps for advertising).

    Something like these would be perfect for shotgun cartridges and rifle ammunition, any clues where I could get some from?
    Equally if anyone has come across anything else that might be interesting I'm all ears!

    Many Thanks in advance!

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    You've perhaps answered your own question when you mention reps and advertising: I think I'd start with wholesalers/importers such as Edgars, GMK and RUAG Ammotech. Assuming that such low-tech things as posters are still produced, I imagine they'd be pleased to have their brands put in front of trainee-shooters and would therefore be delighted to send you something suitable.

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