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Thread: Marchwood/Meopta Superb service

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    Marchwood/Meopta Superb service

    I returned my Meopta for a repair at the Marchwood stand at the Shooting Show in February, the illumination dial had become detached. I simply handed it over and after a quick examination it was decided it was a warranty repair and it would be sent off and that was that.

    Yesterday I arrived home to find a large box had been delivered, gosh I thought my scope been been returned.

    I was in for a rather nice shock as the package contained a brand new replacement scope FOC!!!

    I was speechless and am extremly impressed by Marchwood's customer services and the 30 yr guarantee on Meopta scopes.

    Faultless service.


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    It;s nice to hear some good news for a change. Sadly my own experience with Marchwood was not so good. Which is why mine is going to Actionoptics for repair.

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    My Faulty Meopta 6x42 was replaced with a brand new one. No arguments or quibble.


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    As I said sadly this is not the case with one of my 7x50 scopes.. In fact they were reluctant to even submit it to the factory and said if I insisted it would cost several hundred pounds to do so. They then suggested I sent it to Richard at Actionoptics which is what I did.

    Problem was internal one could have the object in focus or the reticle in focus but not both.

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