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Thread: Weird bone. Anyone had similar? (pictures on now)

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    Weird bone. Anyone had similar? (pictures on now)

    I knew that would get your attention, now no smutty answers from the more degenerate members of the site.
    But seriously ,I shot a mature roe doe last weekend and whilst skinning her found a peculiar bone plate( about 4"x2" flat with a rige running through it about as big as a rib) next to her udder just in front of the rear leg. There was no external signs of injury but internally there was quite alot of thickening and extra fat in that area.
    Just wondering if anyone else had come accross simmilar and if there was an explanation for it. The animal seemed very fit and healthy with plenty of fat.
    Cheers George

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    Could possibly be a floating rib George mate.............Martin

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    Sounds like Metaplasia,it's caused when one cell type changes to another,often in scar tissue..


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    Thanks Martin , miles back for a floating rib, must be from some old injury as nell mentioned.
    Luckily though it did not efect the taste what so ever! Best bit of fillet I've had in a while.

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