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    Our last stalk of the season for 2 muntjac does to complete our cull was due on the 9th,10th however due to a cancellation is anybody interested?

    Weather permitting it shouldnt be a problem to get 2, but it will be does only.Cost will be 220 inc carcasses in total with 2 stalks and 2 deer(2deer in one stalk should you wish to try will be charged at 220 also) Unsuccessful stalks will be charged at 50 a stalk.

    kind regards


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    Hi there,

    Im interested but can only really do one day / stalk. Is is possible?


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    one stalk remaining

    kind regards


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    I took Muntjacstalker up one one of these stalk. Lots of deer seen and i took my first deer. Thanks and i will be back next seasson.


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