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Thread: Gun cabinet security

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    Gun cabinet security

    I have recently applied for a FAC and Looking for a bit of advice re gun cabinet security.
    My modern house is brick built but all the walls are lined with thermablock. I have fastened my gun cabinet to an outside wall in the loft. I have used extra long rawl bolts and it is very secure but it is into the thermablock.
    I have heard that thermablock is not the best medium to attach it to and may be rejected when I have my home visit for issue of my FAC.
    has anybody come against this problem before and if so what did you do to give a more secure attachment to the gun cabinet.

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    An astute FEO will ask you whether you will really clamber in to the loft after a night shooting to put your rifle away......
    The requirement is for a secure attachment out of common sight of a casual visitor to your property. If it is the most secure fixing and place in your home, I'm sure you'll be fine.
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    I wouldnt worry too much hes only going to give it the once over and maybe put his hands on it hes not going to swing on it, also there should be holes in the bottom if there is screw it to the floor, MAKE SURE THERES NO ELECTRICS OR GAS OR WATER UNDER FIRST, AND ALSO IVE said this before you can also fix it horizontaly, doug,

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    The loft is floored out with a light and is easily accessible with a proper pull down ladder affixed to the loft hatch. Nearly as good as a set of stairs. It isn't in your face but it isn't a problem to get in and out.

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