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Thread: Single barrel shotgun

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    Single barrel shotgun

    After a real cheapy cheapy single barrel 12 or 20 please as close as possible.

    Many thanks in advance.......................a chancer

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    I've got a single 20 for sale for£100 in p. d malloch's in Perth if you fancy a look its a BSA

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    Thanks for that but a little rich for me at the moment

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    I have an 12 bore, 3" magnum, single barrel, excellent condition for £45

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    Have you got a picture please LJT?

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    A picture!! At £45 if it goes bang when you pull the trigger and leaves both hands in usable condition I'd say you done good!
    Quote Originally Posted by perdix View Post
    Have you got a picture please LJT?

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    Sorry no pics to hand but it's the same one as the one on the UK Gunroom site at £100

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    Sorted now thanks to a local keeper.
    Sorry LJT.That is a bargain for someone indeed
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