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    james okeefe

    just wondering if anybody has heard of this person because a friend is getting a bmh pup in june and just trying to find out if they are any good .

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    I'm interested in one of the pups in June also so any feedback would be helpfull

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    hi vizsla just talked to my friend got his name from the kennel club .he told him that the pup he wanted was a bitch so left deposit and he gets first pick and joy i get to pick it for him eventually will put to my bmh dog which is out of a pete carr bitch .

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    I bought a bitch off him when he had his first litter. I'm very happy with her and she is fit and healthy. Excellent
    tracker. Be very careful were you buy your BMH, there seem to be a lot of people breeding them in UK.

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    hi just wondering if you have any pics breeder said that the dog is nearly black

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