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Thread: Modular Sound moderators and different calibres

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    Modular Sound moderators and different calibres

    Hi There,

    Does anyone know if a variation is required for obtaining a new baffle stack to change the calibre of a sound moderator?

    I brought a Wildcat predator to use on the 25-06 but it's a darned heavy rig so I am going to use it also on a much lighter .270 but of course need a .27 cal blast shield which being of a modular build and design is the easy bit. There is no mention of it requiring a variation or open slot on the ticket on the Wildact site.

    Being new to C/F sound Mods and their use I am not sure if I can just buy the part required or if I need a variation to do so or even if a variation is required to use the sound moderator on another rifle.

    Lincolnshire Firearms Licensing are not the most helpful at times and certianly not the best at implimenting what the law says and asking them well they didn't know either .

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    As SM's are not registered as such ie no seriel no. I would not see a problem provided you have a mod on your .270 slot. A letter to the FA dept. to advise the mod is lined up with the .270 should be fine. Remember people do buy mods and stick a drill down to increase bore.

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    Thank you for that

    As I said I did wonder I also phoned and spoke to the deputy Licensing Officer at Nettleham (Lincolnshire) and he didn't know either . What made me wonder more is that some Moderators are proofed and some not despite the Met Police and the Proof House losing the case against Beatham over the fitting of sound mods and not having the rifles proofed after maching the barrels.

    I see some are still insisting that rifles are re-proofed after screwcutting. It's about time such rulesa nd laws were written in plain English so there was not so much misinterpritation.

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    That might come to pass if we ever got to the stage of having a national police force, instead of all these private empires.

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    Whilst the likes of Mr brown might like the idea of a state Police force as if :-

    Velcom to ze state Comrade!

    I cannot see the Civil Servants going for it as they will lose their little empires which they have so dedicated in building up over the years. Only time will tell though .

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    Please excuse what might be a stupid question. I was told by someone that to have a mod on my .243 and .270 I could achieve this with the same moderator.

    Is this true and if so, how does that work?

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    As long as the Delrin bushing fits your barrel profile on both barrels, & as long as the bullet you wish to shoot through a particular moderator does fit through the bore of the mod, but most moderators are machined to a small range of calibres so say a .243 round through a .50 moderator would not be very efficiently suppressed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by paul k
    Please excuse what might be a stupid question. I was told by someone that to have a mod on my .243 and .270 I could achieve this with the same moderator.

    Is this true and if so, how does that work?
    Hi Paul

    Yes you can fit a moderator for a 270 on a 243 see photo’s of a 270 and 243 fitted with the same moderator. I have made my own moderators in the past, as a rule of thumb the hole in the baffles needs to be .75mm to 1mm bigger that the bullet caliber for most effective moderation, that said some designs are more tolerant than others. I have used 30cal moddies on 22CF and they have worked fine. Unfortunately for Brithunter he has a Wildcat these are notorious for needing exact matching of baffles to caliber and even then they are not the quietest or lightest or cheapest out there. Did you put a post on here before buying Brit’?



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    Tahr, I'm lucky to have two closely sized calibres, (in projectile dimension), so I can use my Wildcat on both my .270 & also my 7mm WSM, 8) Steve. Oh! & bye the way, must be something wrong with the FC rangers & other professionals hearing, as they have made particular comment as to the sound attenuation of the newer Wildcat moderators.

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    Thank you for the information and yes I did post some questions and read every post I could find on Sound Mods and asked some questions and got conflicting answers. Some swear by the Wildcats and others swear about them.

    Now due to a mix up in the shop when purchasing the moderator, finding a 1/2" UNF thread, we seem to have ended up with a .243 moderator. It's OK on the 25-06 but it won't work on a .270 as there is only 0.5mm clearence Now the shop offered to swop it but that meant a 70 mile round trip and after a call to the manufacturers who assured me that the .243 one will work with the 25-06 and as I had no intention to use it on another rifle then I said OK.

    It was when I realised that the rig all up weighs over 12lbs well it was then that a lighter rifle was thought of. Of course a .243 would have been an idea but the only one I have cannot be so fitted as it has the BESA recoil reduced machined into the barrel by the fore sight ramp. Having Seven slots behind the thread will sort of negate the moderator .

    So looking at the others a BSA Majestic Featherweight that weighs 6 1/4lbs seemed like a good candidate and I remembered seeing one already threaded in my old local gunshop so a phone call to them reveals that they sold it a little while ago Typical ................. But they find a .270 Majestic Featherweight that I also looked at back then. it has a splice repair to the schnable tip to the forestock which is why I passed on it then.

    Hence the need now for the moderator to fit a .270

    Now it seems that with another make of Moderator I might have achieved this without changing anything Oh well it's too late for that now.

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