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Thread: Vasectomised Hob Ferrets

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    Vasectomised Hob Ferrets

    2 x Hob Ferrets available

    Born 2012
    Polecat colouration
    Well handled and very friendly (unless your a rabbit!)
    These 2 lads have been vasectomised so would be ideal for anyone with jills and not wanting a litter as they will bring your jills out of season.

    I took these 2 on from a friend last year and they have had a fair bit of work but they obviously don't get on with my other hob and I am not happy keeping them in a small hutch and I have no room for another ferret court.

    I would be happy for these to go to a new (spacious) working home and save someone the cost of having a hob vasectomised.

    I am always weary rehoming any animal, but hopefully someone responsible with a decent sized hutch/court will come forward to offer them a good working home.



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    i wish you lived closer.

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    I still have these 2 lads if anyone has jills that need bringing out of season

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    One still looking for a new home

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