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Thread: Quad sticks, from limulus

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    Quad sticks, from limulus

    Got to christen my Quad sticks on opening day, couple of Bucks, nothing at fantastic distance 120 yds and 140 yds, so nothing spectacular there.

    But I did think it worth mentioning some things about the Quad sticks, just in case anybody is thinking of buying a set but not totally convinced.

    I speak as I find and feel that credit should be given where credit is due.

    The Quad sticks are, light and comfy to carry, strong when used as a staff for walking, easy to use ( after 5 mins practice in the front room ) rock steady when in use, and strong enough to carry a buck over the shoulder, I`ve used all sorts of contraptions over the years as shooting aids, but these are the neatest bit of kit that I`ve come across so far.

    I have absolutely no connection with Limulus and stand to gain nothing, but I would recommend the Quad sticks to anybody


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    A big +1 excellent kit
    There are no perfect men in this world ..... Only perfect intentions

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    Forgot to say,
    I got the soft wood type


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    I must have a prototype and should be due some new ones soon but i find them very good for every thing there are a few who disbelieve actually how good these are for every day shooting not only stalking

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    I have a set of them and away again with bloody work so not christened but practisi g with air rifle in the drive plinking into the air rifle swing targets in the garage and AMAZED at how solid I felt

    I thought maybe a faff to use but no with practice could be as easy as twin sticks
    Canna wait to christen them

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