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Thread: 01 tool steel blades

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    01 tool steel blades

    Hi Guys

    I have a trio of work knives I keep in the truck, a general blade, unzipper and falconer spike, they see a fair bit of work and I keep them sharp sharp, patina, colour up, at the moment I spend half my life just giving them a polish to keep em looking shiny clean.

    they aren't my stalking knives, just for work and rabbiting etc

    Would you think leaving them to generate some colour will do the steel any harm ? Tempted to not polish em to see how they turn out.

    any thoughts


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    I have an enzo trapper I think its the same steel, I have never polished it in 3 years only thing is you need to dry it after cleaning

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    I'm sure Dougster posted on here a while back, if not then BCUK or BB will have notes on 'forced patina' using ketchup etc and the pro's/cons. Apparently works akin to blueing - controlled form of corrosion, that leaves the metal slightly more resistant to further corrosion.
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