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Thread: Nice Day !

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    Nice Day !

    Had a rather nice day today !

    "JasonH" from the forum came by the shop today and we went out to my club and shot some skeet !

    Nice young man and the first fellow I've ever met from this forum .

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    Thanks Sika

    Likwise it was a pleasure to meet you and visit your local gun club. I was really impressed with the diverse types of shooting that was on offer within one ground something for all. The only one we have like it in the UK is Bisley.

    I would also like to thank The Stalking Directory as it has really helped me with my transition to the US and meet like minded people. It really is a global website so my thanks to the guys who put many hours into maintaining it for all of us to enjoy.

    P.s. thanks for the tips on the last skeet stand Sika finally mastered American Skeet looking forward to a rematch when the Benelli arrives.

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    JasonH was kind enough to bring me a nice pile of magazines !

    "Deer" , "Sporting Rifle" and "The Field" ! They have once again opened my desire to take some nice Sika and Roe from the UK and Ireland .

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    Also saw a couple books in them I think I need to acquire !

    I already have a copy of G Kenneth Whiteheads "Hunting and Stalking Deer throughout the world" so I am thinking I need a copy of his book "The Whitehead Encyclopedia of Deer" .

    Also thinking I need a copy of "Roe Deer ; Management and Stalking" by Richard Prior . Peter Carne's book "Deer of Britain and Ireland" . And finally "On the Deer Path" by David Barrington Barnes !

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