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Thread: Best trail cams??

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    Best trail cams??

    What ones are good value and perform well please? To be used in grounds of manor house to check current population etc..

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    Have only used a Spypoint IR5 from Scott Country but it has stood outside in lots of minus degrees at my fox bait and is still performing flawlessly.

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    Have got steathcam x2 models x2
    x2 swann
    x2 bresser
    the ST cams are very good the other 2 makes good on photos but poor video and slow trigger time. IR range not good either.
    Just ordered some top end Brownings they promise to be very good.
    I can get these at 90 for a limited time.
    They are packed with top end features.
    Recon Force Series - Browning Trail Cameras | Browning Trail Cameras

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    I think this depends on your exact requirements.

    I always buy old model (i.e. reduced price) Bushnell because their sensing is very good and they are very fast to trigger and these things are important to me. Your requirements might be different.

    If you are thinking of Bushnell then look at 2012 models as you can get them at considerable saving (Uttings had them recently and maybe still do) and they have all the features you might need. Don't look at anything before 2012 as there were quality control problems and the trigger wasn't so fast, though it as still good when compared with most of the competition. The best way to ID the Bushnell cameras is by model number as Bushnell seem to recycle the same names year after year even for cameras with very different features. I have a 119437 and a 119476. The 476 is black flash and doesn't have quite the same flash range as the 427, it also has a few bugs with its "timelapse/field scan" mode. The 437 has a longer flash range and I can find no fault with it after nearly 2 years constant use other than that if the deer are looking directly at it then they can see the flash.

    From what I can see trail cameras generally have a life of about 2 years before they start to die so 2nd hand ones are not always good value. The more cameras you have the more info you can gather about deer movements on your ground so it might be that a number of cheap cameras might do your specific job better than one more expensive model, only you can balance that one up.

    If you want the absolute best then Reconyx are the place to look but they are expensive and you can have 3 or 4 Bushnell 437 cameras for the price of one Reconyx plus there are lots of things the Reconyx will not do.

    Forgot this - take a look at this forum as these people take their trail cameras pretty seriously:
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    The most reliable wildlife cameras are Spypoint by a huge margin. They perform considerably better than Bushnell with regards to the IR and night time video and stills. If you want to get real close up stuff then the Bushnell Natureview HD is best as it comes with close focus rings. The Bushnell Trophy Cams are old and not very reliable. Other than that if you want quality at good prices then it's Spypoint all the way. The BF-10HD is their best all round camera, and the HD-12 is excellent. Both models have 'Black Flash LEDs' and are completely covert meaning no human will see them trigger. We have used them and they performed very well. Remember to position them correctly though
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    We use Ltl Acorn and Bushnell. I very much like the look of the Spypoint range but strongly recommend a Google search for "Spypoint slow trigger and recovery times" prior to purchase.

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    Easily solved if you keep the software updated. As some of the latest Spypoint cameras having a 0.8 second trigger time we don't think there is any issue with trigger speeds.

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