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Thread: blaser off road. 243

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    blaser off road. 243

    Blaser off road 243 with 19 1/2 inch barrel in good but used condition small scratches on underside of stock next to the butt pad 1000 plus rfd
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    You going for that r8 then

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    Yeah would like to keep this one too if I could but can't have everything

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    Quote Originally Posted by jb7x57 View Post
    You going for that r8 then
    Joining the Blaser R8 club, you won`t regret it, I love mine

    Attachment 40429

    Are the poor people allowed to have Blaser R8`s, they are far too good for them


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    If you want to try my r8 it's the success model just let me know

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    what's the rifle at the back?

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    Quote Originally Posted by 2434u&me View Post
    what's the rifle at the back?
    .275 rigby

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    You still not sold this yet joe thought it would of gone by now

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    No not yet strangely going to push it abit this week get it sold

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    Plus one for the r8

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