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Thread: Calibre choice.

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    Calibre choice.

    Hi Folks, as said in my intro im new to Stalking and am just doing my ground work with a view taking it up this year, ive had some luck getting some more Roe ground on Farms around my area and am waiting on my best practice guide soming which will hopefully give me a good grounding in the basics, just wanted to pick some brains untill then on calibre etc 95% of my stalking will be Roe and want a suitable rifle for Foxes also without overkill etc so im swaying after some advice to the .22-250 but someone else has suggested the .243 to cover me should i do some Red deer aswel, any thoughts would be welcome.


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    Hi, First off you should forget the term "Overkill", no such thing , dead is dead whatever calibre you employ, Home office guidance allows the use of reasonably large calibres for stopping fox, as to your choice of calibre, there is nothing wrong or wanting about a .243, I have shot Reds with it, but you may find some estates require something with a little more "OOMMPH", if you want to cover all the bases in the UK, think about a .270, 308, or similar, good for Roe, & will stop anything else you want to try such as Boar, I'm sure you will get a few more replies!, Steve.

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    A 243 shooting a 58gn bullet will pretty much match a 22-250 in ballistics at all normal foxing ranges. But the 243 can also shoot upto 100gn bullets; therefore you can shoot any of the large deer species quite legally.

    Ideally IMO you need a 22CF, a 6mm or 6.5mm rifle then a 270, 7mm, or 30 cal. That way you will never have to compromise whatever quarry you are hunting.



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    Steve and Thar are spot on I reckon. I had a .22-250 for about 8 years for foxing and Scots roe, but since I went back to .243 I haven't looked back.
    Get a .243 for roe and foxes...80 / 87 / 90gr bullet perhaps.
    Then in the future plan for a .308 or .270 or 7mm
    Maybe even perhaps a.338 WinchesterSuperShortarseShagbumStagBlaster - 105mm artillery round necked down to .338 or whatever takes your fancy for larger quarry.
    Though I've happily used .243 for big stags and hefty hind culls and been happy with it.
    Enjoy your stalking and foxing.

    PS you will eventually go for a .22CF anyway as they are such fun. .222 / .223 / .22-250...your choice.
    Am back on .222

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    6mm Remington would be a better cartridge for what you want than 243 Winchester as it has a useful velocity advantage that is genuinely usable to give a flatter trajectory and longer "point blank" range.

    Better for the foxes.

    However as there are more about 243 Winchester is probably the more sensible! Having said that if money is no object I'd contact Norman Clarke in Rugby and see what he has in 6mm Remington.

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    6.5x55 SE THATS ALL YOU NEED !


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    Hello Bmcphers83

    6mm Rem, 7.08 or .308 will cover all your needs in the UK.

    Forget 6.5x55 too much carcass damage

    Yes I have got my head down for the inevitable fallout


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    .243 - Nuff said.

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    Quote Originally Posted by leec6.5
    6.5x55 SE THATS ALL YOU NEED !

    Except boar, and not too hot for Sika stags as well, 85gn bullets donít expand to well on small vermin. Pinggggggg pinggggg oh ****.

    Trying to do all with one calí will lead to compromise in some area, a 243 will do pretty much everything a 22cf will do, coupled with a 7mm or bigger cal and you donít have to compromise anywhere.



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