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Thread: Any gun cabinet deals out there atm?

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    Any gun cabinet deals out there atm?

    Basically looking for a second cabinet to locate in a friends house for occasional use only when I stay over etc (they aren't FAC holders). Any reasonable priced options out there?

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    Bid on a 2/3 gun cabinet on eBay? Sure some of them go reasonably cheap?

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    theres a lad on here sells them regular all sizes, doug, try checking some older threads and pm him,

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    paid 40 quid off evilbay for a high 5 gun ,plenty moving up in the world selling their old cabinet had to collect but no hassle .weight makes for stinky courier charges

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    his avatar is 243ack in leistershire doug,
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    Ta, will keep an eye on eBay

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    This chap is very cheap and also has 'cosmetic seconds' sometimes.

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