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Thread: Police shoot Bambi's mum

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    Police shoot Bambi's mum

    Have we done this yet?

    A spokesman said: 'Having weighed up the potential dangers of what could have happened should the deer have got on the dual carriageway, this was seen as the only option.
    'Destroying an animal in this way is done as humanely as possible and is very rare.'

    Now, it may be very rare, but a cursory glance over the deer act doesn't seem to have an exclusion for close seasons or calibre requirements etc. on the grounds of public safety!

    So, do we think that killing it was legal or not?

    Just as a matter of interest, I've thrown in an FOI to see exactly what it was killed with:

    Be ye ever so high, the law is above you!

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    got a bit of a mention in this post
    posted the link
    but sure this post will give it a bit more life
    now off to read your response

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    check out the links to penelope cruz from the link on the right - cracking gusset shot!

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    why are people moaning that the police shot a deer , make sure it was the right cal ,expanding bullet ,season etc.

    if the deer did get onto a national speed limit road think of the damage it would of caused, i would rather see a deer shot as a preventive measure than my wife and kids hit a deer at 70mph in the car

    The police are dammed if they do and dammed if they dont , as Ali G said "keep it real"


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    Is there not something in the law that says, basically, that you can shoot a deer with anything, anytime to prevent suffering or danger to people?

    Also, a lot of laws are written such that there is a get out clause for a police officer acting in the course of his duties. It may not be in the laws relating to deer but I bet there is something in the law relating to armed police officers which says that an armed officer can shoot anything or anyone he likes to prevent harm to others when acting in the course of his duties.

    Either way I'd be fairly certain the police acted within the law. I'd also be fairly certain I'd rather they shot the occasional deer than that some bunny hugger swerved across the motorway into me to avoid hitting it. I'd also be fairly certain that a significant number of people on this forum quite rightly justify their deer management actvities partly on the basis of preventing road accidents.

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    You see, what you're applying there is a test of "reasonableness" - you can be damn sure if you or I were in the same boat then that defence of "public safety" or "reasonableness" would not apply - you'd be in front of the beak justifying your actions and very probably running the risk of losing your FAC too.

    I'm afraid that the police/state/government cannot have it both ways, applying laws written with "absolute" offences against the public, but thinking those self same laws do not apply to them, unless there is a specific legal exemption written into the act.

    As I said, I cannot see an exemption for public safety or police in the deer act - the exemptions for suffering are quite specific -therefore, if the law was breached then the same test of legality has to apply to a police officer in the same way it would an ordinary citizen/subject.

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    Labrat , you are wrong

    all legal and law acts can be exempted for certin reasons and certin people can do so if "justifiable" . ie the fire ambulance and police all exceed speed limits and breach traffic laws,but they must justifiy their actions there does not have to be specific legal exemption written into acts for this or other laws as the state has installed on the police diffrent rights and powers to us joe public

    the right to life and proctecting life must be paramount to all other acts and rightly so, and the shooting of the deer by the police i believe would fall into this so the deer act would not comply here

    if you or i shot the deer with a non deer calibre, bullet type or out of season but for a justifiable reason ie to stop it going onto a national speed limit road . you would be commiting an offence but would have a valid reason for doing so, if you honestly belived the deer was going to cause an accident and could justify your all your actions.


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    Griffshrek - are you absolutely sure about that?

    Because the examples you give, are subject to specific exemptions!

    police speeding in the course of their duty get an exemption under S87 of the road traffic regulations act 1984, red lights etc. have a specific exemption for emergency services under the traffic signs regulations

    I do not accept your assertion that "all legal and law acts can be exempted for certin reasons and certin people can do so if "justifiable"" - the only powers that a constable has are those specifically given to him under the law, not an exemption from other areas of the law - for example, police exemption from firearms certificates operates under the permission of the home office, thats written into firearms law - a parallel is the bloke a few weeks ago (regardless of the individual facts of the case) where it was made absolutely clear that possession of a firearm without a licence was an "absolute" offence, with no defence in law, even one of "reasonableness" unless covered by a statutory exemption.

    If you can show me I'm wrong, fine - but I maintain absolutely that there is no legal exemption from deer act regulations for a police officer or any other person to kill a deer with an illegal calibre for reasons of public safety - [edit] now, you may if you're lucky be given an absolute discharge by the magistrates, but you've still committed a criminal offence and are liable to be prosecuted for it, as would plod.

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    First off the title is wrong. Police shot Bambi not her mum.
    I would hardly expect a police FAO to carry a .22 so I would not expect the calibre to be wrong. A risk assessment would have been done before the shot was taken. A vet was on hand and would have had an input on the decission. Police are there to protect. 5 hour says it was not a case of take the easy option. Deer especially pets can attack. They have no fear. Was it not the case a few years back a keeper had his daughter killed when his pet stag came onto the rut. The same reason a deer farmer carries a rifle on the quad in the rutting season. The very fact this nice tame deer could not be caught indicates it was in an agitated state.
    Good shooting as far as I am concerned,

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    does it actually say the police shot it?

    next you'll be saying that they shouldnt have shot that illegal on the tube 6 times in the head for having a wire poking out of his rucksack.

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